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March 26, 2004 - MADD Leader Alleges Police Let Drunken Man Drive Indiana Cops Accused Of Staging Arrest

A leader of Mothers Against Drunk Driving said she's outraged to learn that police in Indiana encouraged a man who had been drinking and doing drugs to drive so they could make a staged arrest.

Indiana State Police say they can't comment because a legal case is still pending.

The Indiana Court of Appeals said Thursday that the staged arrest by two state troopers and a French Lick officer in June 2002 was "outrageously dangerous."

The court said police coaxed the man to speed through French Lick just so they could arrest his passenger for having cocaine.

The driver David Turner told one of the troopers he had been drinking all day and consumed cocaine.

Osborne's attorney Larry Medlock says Turner had driven 15 miles that night just so police could make the stop and arrest his client.

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